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GingerMan Spring Brake

Otness and Jeremiah Altermatt graduated from the school and competed in the feature race on Sunday May 1st. Both Friday and Saturday were completed with barbecue served at the track. VSCDA should be applauded for serving Bells Oberon craft beer at the after party.

Saturday qualifying was very cold and wet. Randy Byboth won a special Sprite/Midget race on a damp track in the morning, and the afternoon races all ran in wonderful dry after a weekend of rain.

Rich Stadther had a misfire and Brian Kennedy had a shifter problem but everyone else enjoyed trouble free and incident free racing.

There will be vintage racing at Brainerd International Raceway Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Come up and enjoy the action. Join the local Vintage Sports Car Racing/SCCA racers for a BBQ dinner on Friday evening.

MN racers at GingerMan


Front row: Tim Byboth, Dick Wallrich, Rita Otness, Duane Otness, Randy Byboth, Liz Stadther, Rich Stadther

Middle row: Mark Brandow, Brian Kennedy

Back row: Berkeley Fogelsonger, John Hagen, Scott Dougherty, Kay Hagen, Ken Merrill, Joe McCulloch, Steve Nichols, Jeremiah Altermatt

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