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Club Structure & Bylaws


Shall schedule, arrange, send meeting notices and preside over all general membership meetings. Shall act as liaison when and where necessary (unless otherwise excluded) between the Club and the public, press, race organizers, etc. In the event of a vacancy or an inability of an officer to fulfill that office's duties, the President shall appoint a club member to complete that officer's term. In the event of the Competition Chairman being unable to fulfill his/her duties the President shall conduct an election at the next general membership meeting to elect a replacement. This election will be decided by a simple majority of the members present. 

Shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties. Shall take over the President's duties in the event the President should voluntarily resign during his/her term. Vice President shall automatically become President the following year.


Shall take minutes of all general membership or officers meetings and will have these minutes available for approval and reference at all general membership meetings. Shall be responsible for ensuring that all rules passed by the VSCR general membership be consolidated and published.

Shall handle all financial affairs of the Club including (but not necessarily limited to): Savings accounts, checking account, accounts payable, accounts receivable and dues receipt.

Shall be chairman of the Eligibility Committee. Shall be responsible for the enforcement of the GCR and Safety requirements. Shall have the ultimate responsibility for the conduct of speed events including driving instructors, pre-season drivers meetings, contact and consultation with the Stewards of the Meet, discipline of drivers if required, and any and all sundry details of a race meet. These responsibilities may be and are encouraged to be shared with the Race Chairman. Shall provide for Technical/Safety Inspection at each event.

Shall notify members of the required dues and collect same. Shall collect required membership renewal or application forms. Shall compile and keep current a membership list. Shall recruit new members. The duties of the Membership Chairman shall be delegated to the Vice President. 

The ElCom shall consist of six (6) Club members and the Competition Chairman who shall serve as chairman of this committee. In the event a member of the ElCom resigns or is unable to fulfill his/her term of office, the ElCom shall notify the next (7th ranking person at election time) that he/she is now selected to serve on the ElCom. The purpose of the ElCom is to determine exceptions to the Eligibility List (EL), these exceptions being referred to as Unique and Interesting Automobiles.


This determination shall be made by a simple majority of ElCom. The minimum number of members present for a valid determination shall be five (5). In all cases it is recommended that the owner of the car in question personally present his/her case for an exception to the ElCom. If this is not possible, he/she must make arrangements with a member of the ElCom to speak for them. In no case may third parties present an automobile for consideration. In any case, the owner of the car is responsible for any information about the car that the ElCom may require. Exemptions granted by the ElCom for any reason shall be in force for one year from date of exemption after which time the automobile must then be resubmitted for consideration. The ElCom shall be allowed to make determinations as to the eligibility of a car at any time and is required to meet at race events and all general membership meetings. 

The ElCom may, upon unanimous vote, grant a one year or permanent exemption for any car for purposes of eligibility in VSCR events. The ElCom is not empowered to issue a waiver to any safety rule or regulation contained in the GCR. 

The ElCom shall advise the Club membership of proposed additions or deletions from the Eligibility List. 

Members of the ElCom and the Competition Chairman must have competed in a minimum of one (1) sanctioned race in the year previous to the year in which they hold office. 

ElCom members present for a VSCR event shall help the Event or Competition Chairman conduct a timely technical inspection of the cars present and registered for that event. 

The General Competition Rules (GCR) and the Eligibility List shall be opened for reconsideration once yearly at the scheduled nomination/rules changes meeting. The nomination/rules changes meeting shall be held during the month of October or November. Changes, in order to appear on the mailed ballot, must be supported by 50% of the eligible club members present at that meeting. Eligible club members shall be defined as any person whose dues have been properly paid for the Calendar year in which the election takes place. Properly paid dues are dues paid by the last VSCR sponsored speed event of that year. Dues paid after that time will be for the following year. Election of Officers and ElCom members and GCR and rules change votes shall be conducted as follows:


Nominations meeting to be held in the fall of each year in the month of October, November or December.  At the nomination meeting nominations for open positions will be discussed and formal list of candidates established.  Following the creation of the candidates list meeting attendees will immediately vote for each open position. Positions for which there is only one nominee will get voted and finalized at the nomination meeting. In the event that there is more than one nomination for any given position an electronic voting survey will be employed to establish the elected official. Within 3 days of the nominations meeting an electronic survey will get sent to clubs members for positions with more than one nominee. Voting mechanism will remain open for seven (7) days and election results will be communicated thereafter.  In the event of a tie members will revote on the remaining two candidates. 


The elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Chairman, ElCom members) shall be allowed to make rule changes as necessary during the year of their tenure. A quorum of this group shall be seven (7). A simple majority of those present may pass a rule change. Any changes instituted by this committee shall be presented to the general membership at the annual election meeting for placement on the ballot and acceptance by the Club membership. 

The Race Chairman shall be a voluntary position for each speed event. The duties of the Race Chairman shall be as follows: 

Contact and consultation with track authorities and sanctioning personnel prior to the event concerning fees, scheduling, etc., publication and distribution of entry forms, GCR, safety requirements and other pertinent event related information, recruitment and coordination of event personnel including registration, establishment of Vintage paddock area, etc. All off track activities relevant to the conduct of the event.

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In order for a car and driver to be eligible for competition in a VSCR, Inc. event the following conditions must be met: 

Membership in the VSCR, Inc. including paid-up dues. The automobile must be on the Eligibility List or have been granted an exemption by the ElCom for that event. The car, driver, and equipment must meet all GCR and safety requirements. A properly completed entry form including medical information required must be signed and delivered to the Race Chairman or his/her delegated assistant, along with the appropriate entry fee before being allowed on the track.

The Eligibility List as presently formulated shall be accepted as the final word in eligibility of Vintage cars for VSCR events. All cars on this list are automatically eligible for entry to all VSCR events assuming in all cases that the GCR and safety requirements are fulfilled. Only cars specifically allowed an exemption by the ElCom shall be exceptions, and will be allowed to compete for the one year for which an exemption was granted. 

The Eligibility List shall be amended only by the general membership and then only when the ElCom has proposed additions or deletions from the existing list. The general membership shall not be allowed to propose changes to the list in general membership meetings but must first present proposals to the ElCom for action by that committee.

VSCR will support the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC) by remaining a fully paid member in good standing. 

VSCR will tender its votes on VMC business to the representative of another club which will speak on behalf of VSCR when the VSCR representative is unable to attend VMC meetings. The VSCR officers shall choose the representative to act as proxy.

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